The Last, Best Gentleman!!!

I’m pleased to report that The Last True Gentleman has hit the shelves! Sycamore and Jeanette’s story finishes out the True Gentlemen series and also prequels the Mischief in Mayfair series, which launches in June with Miss Delectable–because you can never have too many happily ever afters!

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5 comments on “The Last, Best Gentleman!!!

  1. 1
    Susan Wood says:

    I would like a family tree for this family. Trying to figure out who is married to whom is a problem.

  2. 2
    Jeannette Halpin says:

    And I have already read it!! Couldn’t wait, stayed up till midnight finishing it. Sigh, how lovely. AND my name is Jeannette so of course I had to read it right away.

    Go Grace!!

  3. 3
    Susan Wood says:

    Really enjoyed Lat True Gentleman. Hate to see end of that family!!!

  4. 4
    Elaine Carlini-Davis says:

    I’ve been reading several of your gentleman and lord books – about ten in the last two weeks. They are delightful! Your upcoming book sounds great,too. Men named after trees by their father – was it seven??? I love your books and have read about seventy so far. Thank you for writing them. Do you ever sleep? 🙂

  5. 5
    Cherie says:

    Reading for the second time already.