Fuzzy Socks and Turn Back the Clocks!

On the blog this week, I’m rejoicing in the change of seasons, and also starting my ARC list for my first Lady Violet mystery, set to launch in December. Leave a comment here, and let us know what you think of winter’s approach!

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6 comments on “Fuzzy Socks and Turn Back the Clocks!

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    Tina Armato says:

    On the one hand I always dread winter, with the accompanying snow and ice storms, though that is always tempered with the realization that we are both mostly retired, and rarely have somewhere to go that is so urgent as to brave slippery roads. I guess that anxiety is left over from the days when I would wait nervously by the window for my husband to drive up the road. On the other hand, as my husband always reminds me, winter leads to our favorite holidays, Thanksgiving, and the best holiday of all, Christmas. We always celebrate Thanksgiving on the Friday after because my daughter has to work on Thanksgiving. Whatever day we celebrate, it is only a celebration if we can all be there! Christmas is another thing. We have our “big” Christmas celebration on Christmas Eve, when it is just us, our kids and grandkids. We combined my husband’s family tradition (pizza!) and my family traditions (seafood!) and made it our own. I make 5 or 6 different varieties of homemade pizza, and we have crab legs. Weird, I know, but it works for us. Christmas Day we spend at my son’s house with my daughter and the grandkids, and also sometimes my son’s in-laws, but the eve is the most special day because it is just our nuclear family. It’s also the day we open gifts, which is always a fun activity, especially with the grandkids. I guess, on balance, since there is nothing we can do about the march of the seasons, we might as well make the best of it! Stay safe. Stay well everyone!

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    Pam says:

    Winter is my least favorite month. I don’t like being cold and even with central heat and air, the house is chilly.

    I also have outdoor cats who do not want to come inside the house, so am not thrilled with actual winter because of them. I have cat shelters outside (made from coolers) but the cats rarely use them. Today I will go buy pine straw to heap up around the house under the eaves. Some of them will bed down in the straw by the house which gives a little insulation and they are out of the wind. I do this every year.

    • 2.1
      Pam says:

      Uh, not month, season. Least favorite season. I live in central Alabama so should not gripe. If there is a little ice or a sprinkling of snow, we may even shut down. Our summers can be brutal with the heat and humidity, but winters are usually mild compared to other states. Snow is an event. Summer and Fall are usually a delight.

      • 2.1.1
        Pam says:

        Should not write today. *Spring* and Fall are usually a delight, not summer. Summer is tough. I can’t imagine doing without central heat and air here. I wish our house had more insulation. When I retire, I am planning on having another attic access created in the hall ceiling (the original one is blocked), and have insulation blown in.

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      Marianne says:

      I cleaned out an estate that catered to feral cats. The deceased had an old, old greenhouse she filled every year with a couple feet of straw and cat flaps on every side. Don’t know how much it was used… It did stink, though I doubt it was just cat.

  3. 3
    Sue says:

    Fall is the best time of year. I love that it is cooling down but not cold. I find that I want to be outside and walk wherever instead of use the car. This is a time when I miss living in the four seasons and want to get myself to where there are real trees and grass is not a luxury but a standard. I try to go visit my home town in Michigan during this time. It is so the best. Other than worrying about ticks and whatnot I think my dogs would like it too.