When Dashing Met Dubious

On the blog this week, we’re discussing courage, which I needed when ambling down a certain trail in Utah, much to my surprise. Have a read here.

This week also sees the web store launch of A Gentleman of Dubious Reputation. This is Lord Julian’s second mystery, and for some reason is pre-ordering on the retail sites better than the series opener. I’m told this is a good sign, but it’s a new one on me. Web store link here. Retail links (on sale Nov. 3) here, and the print version is already available.

September opened with Miss Dashing, Mischief in Mayfair Book 8, hitting the shelves, and she too has left the starting blocks at a brisker pace than her immediate predecessor. My thanks to every reader who is making this happen. Hecate, Phillip and I (and Roland) are very appreciative! (Ordering links here if you’d like to dash along with us.)