Lord Julian Is In the House!!! (Again.)

Or maybe, in the bookstore? A Gentleman in Challenging Circumstances, Lord Julian’s third mystery, has launched at all the major retailers and in the web store. (Yes, there’s a print version too). Gent Challenging was chosen by Barnes & Noble as a top indie pick for December and January, (see thew whole list here, scroll down for mysteries). For those of you enjoying the series, A Gentleman in Pursuit of Truth (Feb. 2024) is available for pre-order in ebook (and print link coming in late January).

On the blog this week, I’m strategizing for holiday stress management, and inviting your suggestions for coping mechanisms. Add your two cents here. The blog will be on hiatus until January 14, 2024, and by that time, I will be making my ARC list for Gent in Pursuit. Wheee!