New Year, New Deal!!!

Please congratulate Miss Delectable, book one in the Mischief in Mayfair series, for landing a $.99 Bookbub featured deal! For the first two weeks of January (and all month in the web store), the ebook version of Miss Ann Pearson and Sir Orion Goddard’s tale will remain discounted to $.99. Web store link here; retail links here. Help spreading the word is ALWAYS appreciated.

For my writin’ buddies: When it comes to upping my writing game, I am a big fan of Free Expressions Seminars and Literary Services. Donald Maass, Lorin Oberweger, and colleagues have done more to improve my craft than any other single resource. For this year’s upcoming Writing Success Webinar Series, we’re kicking it off with a free introductory evening webinar on Thursday, Jan. 18, 2024 at 7:15 pm ET. Register for that, and you might win your choice from among twenty single-topic webinars to be presented this spring, or free registration for the whole twenty-session series. (And yes, I’m among the presenters… Feb. 22, 2024, something to do with revisiting revisions?) Wheee!

Blog posts will resume January 14, 2024, avec giveaway!