Leaping Lordlings!

On the blog this week, we’re pondering cups of tea, cookies, and possibly-outdated aphorisms about business and pleasure. Join the discussions here (and get a peek at the cover for Lord Julian’s fifth mystery, A Gentleman in Search of a Wife.)

And speaking of his lordship… A Gentleman in Pursuit of Truth (book four) publishes on all the retail sites on Tuesday, Feb. 27. If you haven’t ordered your copy yet, you’ll find all the linky-poos here.

If you are a writin’ buddy, and you missed my recent webinar on Revisions 2.0, Free Expressions Literary Services provides a recording of the workshop for $19 here (scroll down). I browse these offerings on slack days and when I’m between books, and I can particularly recommend Carol Despeaux Fawcett’s presentation on hot scenes… because it’s about so much more than hot scenes.