Blooming on the Blog!!!

On the blog this week, we’re pondering the summertime blues (or spring time blahs, or wintertime doldrums…) and the antidote to same (because there is one). Join the conversation here.

Summer plans for the web store include putting together some bundles that will be web store exclusives. Lady Violet is first up in the bundling order, Mischief in Mayfair is on deck, and maybe Lord Julian in the bull pen. Depends on how much writing I can get done over the next few weeks (glowers at his lordship).

Distant early warning… The blog will be on hiatus starting June 30, and I’ll resume posting on or around July 21. This pause will give me time to get together the aforesaid series bundles, and to do a final polish on The Mysterious Marquess, who is due publish in August. Yikes!