I bought a book from Grace’s store a while back. How do I download it now?

  1. Open your email inbox and find your receipt. Subject line will be You bought TITLE! For example: “You bought The Virtues of Christmas!” or “You bought Trenton: Lord of Loss!” Searching for gumroad grace burrowes should also work.
  2. Once you have the email open, click the teal View product button.
  3. You have purchased two or three versions of each book – (1) a MOBI file that works on Kindles, (2) an EPUB file that works on iBooks, Nook, Kobo, Google Play, and most other eReaders, and, for some books, (3) a PDF file that works well on computers. If you’re not sure which type of file you want, click the teal Download all button.
  4. If you know what version of the book you want, there are also gray Download buttons next to each file which will allow you to download only that one.