Christmas Ladies

Windham sisters Louisa, Sophie and Jenny all find true love at Christmastime, and their stories have been bundled together so you can treat yourself to an entire holiday of happily ever afters. Lady Sophie’s Christmas Wish involves an unexpected baby, no room at the inn, a helpful stranger and three wise men (well, they think they’re wise). Lady Louisa’s Christmas Knight is the story of Louisa’s practical decision to marry former sharpshooter Sir Joseph Carrington, who can aim Cupid’s arrow at Louisa’s heart with the same skill he pitches snowballs and pithy repartee. Lady Jenny’s Christmas Portrait brings all the Windhams together as Jenny, last among them to marry, tries to choose between her heart and her art.

If you’d like more holiday romance, Grace suggests her Scottish Victorian tale, What A Lady Needs for Christmas, or a delightful novella anthology, Christmas in the Duke’s Arms, which features novellas by Carolyn Jewel, Miranda Neville, Shana Galen, in addition to Grace’s own story, A Knight Before Christmas.