The Lusty Month of November

blog bear in bedThe days are getting shorter, cold weather has made its first appearance in many parts of the country, travel can become more difficult…. but last night’s extra hour of sleep reminded me that I LOVE much about this time of year. I’ll limit myself to ten things:

1) That extra hour of sleep. LOVE IT, and really needed it this week.

blog autumn leaves2) My dad turns 94 today. He’s living at home with his bride of 69 years (and some help). In some ways, he’s contributed more to my welfare in his great old age than he did when he was going full bore as a scientist and university professor. LOVE that guy!

3) The sound of leaves underfoot, the scent of fall.

4) Planting bulbs. This is my niche as a gardener, and on my property, there’s no bad place for a daffodil or tulip to come up.

blog pumpkin pie5) Pumpkin spice everything, the quintessential flavor of late autumn.

6) Amaryllis and poinsettias. They make me HAPPY, and I love sending them to others.

7) The baking, or lord, the baking.

8) Heating with wood. It’s renewable, healthier from a respiratory perspective, and very centering.

blog amaryllis9) The long, dark evenings mean more time for reading and writing.

10) The holidays and snow days mean more time for reading and writing.

I could go on–more time to see family, a chance to rest from the yard work, Christmas cards for those of us who do them… all good things. What do you enjoy about the coming time of year? To TWO commenters, I’ll send a $25 American Express gift card.

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31 comments on “The Lusty Month of November

  1. Right now I’m enjoying a bit of a slow-down with work — not great for the wallet but wonderful for my physical well-being and my need to “nest” at home. I’m also loving the urge to cook again — time to make good soups from scratch, lots of roasted vegetables, savory dishes that take a little more time, comfort food.

    And sweaters and comfy jeans and woolly socks! Love feeling like I’m wrapped up in a warm hug!

  2. My two favorite seasons have always been Spring and Fall. Spring for the obvious reasons – it’s like the earth is giving birth with all of the flowers and new leafs popping up.

    Fall is a little different – it has a sad kind of beauty that is hard to explain. I love when the wind starts blowing all of those fallen leaves down the street. The noise it makes is a little spooky but I like it. The sound always takes me back to my childhood. And I love the family gathering for Thanksgiving. Love the food too. It’s the only time of year I ever have sweet potato pie. And pre-diabetes be damned – I’m going to have me a slice!

    I’m one of those people who are subject to Winter depression. Thanksgiving and Christmas gets me through the first part of Winter. January and February are the hardest months. All I have then is the promise of Spring and good books to read. Thank you for contributing to those good books.

  3. I love the change of seasons.
    Fall brings the cooler weather to the coast and it’s great sleeping weather. (I loved the extra hour of sleep last night, too).
    Enjoy getting up and walking the dogs in the morning.
    The summer folks have returned to their homes and it’s so much easier to have lunch at our favorite restaurants and there’s not a 2 hour wait for a pizza!
    It’s baking weather…brownies, banana bread and cookies.
    It’s nice to settle in on a stormy weekend afternoon with a good book, a good movie or the Patriots game.
    Fall brings one of my favorite holidays…Thanksgiving. A day to count your blessings.

  4. I love the reprieve from the 100 degree weather. It was in the 90’s on Halloween, which wasn’t fun, but today it’s only going to be in the 70’s. I think we might finally be done with the 90’s. Another great thing with the cooler temps is that Seth is able to go play outside, which is one of his most favorite things. He would stay out there all day if he was able to. He will also get to start his horse riding at physical therapy this month.
    I too love all the yummy goodies that are out this time of year, but this year they are less appealing to me as I am working out more and it seems the more I workout the less I want to eat all the baked goodies. Which is probably a good thing.

    • Sarah, I’m glad the working out is working out, so to speak. I can’t tell you how many people report to me that they’re more energized when they make the time to work out–I’m not among them, but maybe your metabolism plays closer to the rules.

      And yeah–children need to GO OUTSIDE. For kids on ritalin, every hour they spend outside decreases their ADHD meds by .5 ml. Might be something to do with Vitamin D, might have to do with living in caves for millions of years, but outside is good medicine for most of us.

  5. I love the cooler weather and the first snow (so long as it doesn’t stick around for too long!). I also love the holidays and spending time with family and friends.

    • I feel about the last snow the way a lot of people feel about the last rose of summer. As it gets into March, and even the nights aren’t dipping below freezing, I pout and sulk. I’m pretty sure this is not normal.

  6. I love curling up on the couch under a big fluffy blanket with a roaring fire in the fireplace, a cup of hot chocolate by my side, and a great novel to read for hours.

  7. Some of the things I love about the season: Cooler weather, decorating with the grandkids, baking all those once-a year treats, reading holiday stories (I just bought Christmas in the Duke’s Arms,) getting cards/letters from folks I see infrequently, sending our Christmas letter, giving gifts to the little ones, and participating in the church Thanksgiving Food and Spirit of Christmas drives for the needy. Thanks for a great post.

  8. Living in a very warm climate (Florida), I love the cooler weather for the relief it brings from the heat. Getting dark earlier means a great excuse not to do as much yard work, and the lack of rain makes the growth much slower anyway-so I have more time to read in the evenings. And having pumpkin pie for sale in the grocery store. I just bought my first one of the season – it’s what I have every year instead of cake for my birthday, which was yesterday. 😀

  9. I love having more time with extended family. The long weekends give us the “permission” to sit down and catch up. Why we don’t give ourselves permission more often, I don’t know. Love the break from yard work too!

  10. Family times.
    We take family pictures on thanksgiving day. To put in Christmas cards. And yes, I still send them. I love doing it.
    My granddaughter has taken to directing the family pictures. I get my couple of traditional ones. But she comes up with the craziest ideas. And we all enjoy it.
    Husband and I get to take her to Disney every year for Christmas time. We look forward to it.
    My tree will get put up this week. Mostly because it takes some time to decorate it. I don’t like rushing. And I like having it in the background for the pictures.
    And for the last couple years, granddaughter has started understanding and looking forward to ”adopting” a child on the tree at Walmart. We have a great time picking things out. The kids have started learning their songs for the program at church.
    And I now spend (normally reading) time making Christmas tree ornaments.
    I love so much about this time of year!!

  11. I love your 10, plus 5 of my own.

    1. Soups and stews! Mostly homemade, but still keep Progresso and Campbell’s to hand. It’s the ultimate comfort food.

    2. Socks and sweaters. I love warm and fuzzy.

    3. Clear, crisp air that smells of woodsmoke and wet leaves.

    4. Cuddles. Snuggling for warmth as well as closeness just has a little extra oomph.

    5. Which goes hand in hand with: warm bed, cool mornings. It makes it harder to get up, but I just love it!

    Happy Fall!

  12. For me, it’s taking the dog out for long walks and taking in the gorgeous foliage. It’s cool, but not too cold, and I could stay outside forever while smelling wood smoke from nearby houses.

  13. Living in South Mississippi, I look forward to Fall for the cooler temperatures and lower humidity. I love watching the leaves change and getting to the time of year that celebrates family and friends with Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  14. SO many things to love about Fall:
    1) Pumpkin everything – including Blue Bell’s Pumpkin Spice Ice Cream.
    2) Being in Texas where it is still warm enough to enjoy said pumpkin spice ice cream
    3) Mild Fall weather when it is cool enough to wear my boots and jeans all (or most of) the time
    4) Cooler weather and rain so it is almost a mini-Spring with things greening up again and wildflowers blooming.
    5) Holiday’s galore so I have an excuse to bake and eat a lot more than usual.
    And so many more reasons. 😀

  15. I enjoy taking the dogs for long walks and the scents of autumn. Curling up with a great book in a sunny window. Drawing pet portrait that I know are going to be surprise Christmas gift and the joy they will bring.

  16. Hmm… Fall is my favorite time of year. I would say both October and November. I love it when it gets cooler. I love the leaves falling, Halloween, World Series, Honey Crisp Apples, Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming, I get two weeks off in December, the semester ends on December 8th. Nature just seems quieter as we go into hibernation.

  17. A chance to visit with my children and the “grandson”… They both live in the Midwest and the visits are ‘far between’..

  18. I LOVE summer, so I’m always bummed to see fall come. Especially when we fall back one hour, and it’s dark before I get out from work. Whoever came up with the concept of Daylight Savings Time should be tarred and feathered.

  19. I must admit it’s not my favorite time of year. But I do so enjoy getting together with friends and family. The snow is pretty if I don’t have to drive in it. Pumpkin pie with whipped cream – yum. Right now the leaves are still pretty. I enjoy cooking the soups and stews that taste so good on cold winter nights!And it’s birthday month – my husband, newphew, best friend and mine 🙂

  20. Love the moon in all its shapes in November, the wind of Fall, driving through a leaf storm. Those first few nights that are longer, quieter, somehow. Soup recipes make their way to the top of my recipe box; there must be at least 2 cinnamon brooms in the house and spicy candles and mums. I love planting tulip bulbs underneath the pansies, not so much in anticipation of Spring but in knowing Fall and Winter and pansies protect the bulbs. Sweaters and turtlenecks and down comforters and snuggling are favorite coverings. Hugs at a windy football game are just nearly perfect. Yep, November if full and rich and lusty!!!