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One comment on “Micro-pleasures…

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    Liza Gorin says:

    I can’t say reading, non-stop, a well written book full of irony, tears, love, laughter & perfectly flawed characters fills the requirement. That would be macro, not micro. Getting a consoling phone call from my only child, asking if I need a tissue because she knows I’m tearing up at the same scene she’s watching is pretty close. Witnessing the transformation on my husband’s face as he gazes at our grandchild for the first time and connects the dots between his father and our daughter, feeling the truth of unconditional love. Watching my mother trace the contours of my father’s face in slow motion as he lays in peace on his death bed. No. I’m getting it wrong. These are micro moments with macro impact. Everyday is the keyword here and now I know what that small comfort is. Hand holding. And though I’ve held many hands, being a tactile person, it’s holding my husband’s hand that eases my soul and calms my world. Simple, meaningful & telling. Whether riding in a car, watching TV, falling asleep or side by side at a dinner table, when our hands join, our circuits complete. No sparks, no lightening. Just an unwavering certainty that no matter what happens in our lives we are strong through our connection. It’s just as much the action, the reaching for each other, as the end result that brings the reward because even when it’s automatic, we know the intention behind the motion.