Truly Honored!!!

That thunderous joy you hear from the direction of rural Maryland is because A Woman of True Honor is now available from all the major retailers! Order your copy right here, and to help with the book hangover when Valerian and Emily have their HEA, you can already pre-order Oak and Verity’s story, A Lady’s Dream Come True. Wheeeee!

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One comment on “Truly Honored!!!

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    Pam says:

    I loved the book. The title referred to Emily but Valerian stole the show. He is now one of my favorite book heroes ever, cerebral, with great emotional intelligence, *mature*, and with a way of helping people without causing embarrassment or a sense of obligation. Also, in the background he was using his own talents to find a way to financial independence. I admired him so much.

    I don’t usually gush about books but this one deserved it.