Dashing, Deals, and Bears, Oh, My!!!

On the blog this week, we’re considering the single best strategy individuals can adopt for coping with climate change, according to at least one expert (and moving north isn’t it). In my case, this involves bear sightings. Leave a comment here, and give us your perspective.

Thanks to all you bestest readers in the whole world, who made Miss Dashing’s launch a roaring success. Stand by for further romantic adventures involving our favorite, fastest horse (and his two-legged friends Gavin and Rose), when Miss Dramatic hits the shelves later this year.

And please do check out this month’s Deals page.  The Truth About Dukes (Rogues to Riches No. 5, Robert and Constance…) is enjoying a monthly deal price of $2.99. I list-and-link five other titles by various writin’ buddies also discounted for all of September. Wheeee!