Back in the Saddle!!!

On the blog this week, we are celebrating my triumphant return to the saddle (I got on and stayed aboard for the duration of the ride = triumph). We’re discussing triumphant returns in general, or our aspirations in those directions. Add your comment here.

And speaking of getting back on the horse… On the Deals page, you’ll see that the novella duet, A Lady Without Peer, has been discounted to $.99 in the web store for the month of March. I figured His Grace for the Win, which features a duke in need of riding lessons, was a good fit with this week’s blog post.

Boring reminder: Later this month, I will remove my recent titles from the Google Books retail web site. Backlist titles from my traditional publishers (ye old Windhams, the MacGregors, the Captive Hearts) will remain available there, and an Android compatible version of every self-published story will remain available from the web store.