FREE Kisses by the Sea!!!

We are through the year’s first heatwave where I live, but more sultry weather is in the forecast–and some sultry kisses too! I’ve made my novella, A Kiss by the Sea, a free download in the web store. This story began its published life in the Bluestocking Belles Storm and Shelter anthology, which is still available. The anthology has been published long enough that I can offer my story as a standalone.  (And the Belles recently published another great collection, Desperate Daughters.)

A Kiss by the Sea is the story of Thaddeus Penrith, who is not really a blacksmith, and Lady Sarah Weatherby, who is not really an heiress. A ferocious spring storm stands her ladyship in the village of Fenwick on Sea, and a ferociously attractive blacksmith makes her wish for what can never be…. or can it?  I had great fun writing this tale, and I hope you enjoy reading it!

When I get around to making a final cover for A Kiss by the Sea, and formatting the file six ways to Sunday, I’ll distribute it to the retail platforms with a $2.99 price tag, but don’t hold your breath. I’m pedaling hard to get Lady Violet Pays a Call on sale in the web store by July 1, and (August for the retail stores), and I’m beavering away on Lady Violet Says I Do, book eight in Lady Violet Mystery Series. Wheee!

Watch this space for more news regarding Yuletide Gems, a novella duet I’m writing with author Christi Caldwell. We’re planning to publish our stories as library exclusives (for 2022), but for readers who really, truly want to own their own copy, we’ll also make the book available through our web stores. Details coming soon!