Will you ever write stories for Rose, Winnie, or Westhaven’s children?

Rose and Winnie beg for a post-Regency series, along with, Priscilla Jennings, and some of Winnie’s Windham cousins. Fifteen years on, their parents will still be plenty young and full of fun. Our heroines could well have a passel of younger siblings, and yet, we’re still not into the Victorian period, about which readers have many pre-conceived (and often erroneous) notions.

So yes, I can see a series for members of the next generation–probably two series, for that matter. I seem to recall that St. Clair’s oldest and Michael Brodie’s daughter have an entanglement, and you know how much I love to write about Scotland….

Then there are Matthew and Axel Belmont’s five boys, who fall into yet another cohort between the Regency generation and the very young ladies.. I am well blessed with characters to write for!