Your books set in the regency are in different series, but they’re in the same universe. How do I read them chronologically?

When I started writing, I had no idea my books would ever be published. As I finished one book, I’d start the next without much thought for how somebody might organize the stories into series or sub-subseries. My editor had the thankless task of picking a starting point, and chose The Heir, because with The Soldier and The Virtuoso it formed a good, strong, trilogy of brothers to launch my career.

But that left some loose ends—about twenty of them—before, during, and after the Windham brothers, and I kept writing more books around and in between the ones I’d started with. What follows is my attempt to lay out the Windhams, the True Gentlemen, the Jaded Gentlemen, and Lonely Lords in a reading order that makes sense. The difficulty is that some books are happening at the same time as other books. In the case of Darius, between the beginning and end of his story, five other books are going on. (Vivvie says some things can’t be rushed).

The Windham Brides technically fall outside the Regency (George IV had finally ascended to the throne), so they are not included here. They’d go at the end, after the last of the Windham sisters.

The Lady Violet Mysteries stand outside of this chronology, as do the Mischief in Mayfair tales. (Phew!) The Lord Julian Mysteries start just about as the Windham Family stories are getting underway (1816-1817), and bump up against the The Captive Hearts. When I have a better handle on how Lord Julian’s series will unfold in his time period, I’ll lace his titles in here as best I can.

If I had it to do over, I’d start at the beginning, but I don’t, so here we go:

The Courtship (followed by), The Duke and His Duchess

Gareth, Andrew, Douglas, David

Thomas, Matthew, Axel, Jack

The Heir, The Solder, The Virtuoso

(The Captive, The Traitor, The Laird)

Darius, Nicholas, Ethan, Hadrian, Beckman, Gabriel

Trenton, Worth

Tremaine’s True Love, Daniel’s True Desire, Will’s True Wish, His Lordship’s True Lady, (followed by remaining True Gentlemen)

Lady Sophie, Lady Maggie, Morgan and Archer, Ashton

Lady Louisa, Lady Eve, Jonathan and Amy, Lady Jenny

Hope that helps, and as more books find publication, I’ll integrate them into the list above.