Will you ever do a Windham spin-off for Uncle Tony and Aunt Gladys’s daughters?

Glad you asked!.

When I finished Lady Jenny’s book, I went into a period of Windham-moping. I think this is half the reason why Westhaven and Anna popped up in The MacGregor’s Lady, though that’s a Scottish Victorian. I missed my Windham friends too badly to leave them entirely behind.

Then I began to get Ideas–about four daughters, and what sorts of devoted swains they might encounter. My mom was a blue-eyed red-head, and I thought it might be fun if all four Windhams shared that rarest of colorings… and then some story ideas began to materialize. The result is The Windham Brides series, which includes The Trouble With Dukes, Too Scot to Handle, No Other Duke Will Do, and A Rogue of Her Own.

And before you ask, no, Tony does not have an illegitimate son… that I know of.