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Windham Brides

Elizabeth, Charlotte, Megan, and Anwen Windham have been spinsters long enough, in the opinion of their aunt, the Duchess of Moreland. Despite her grace’s plans (and—ahem—his grace’s schemes) the four young ladies refuse to marry for anything less than passionate, true love. Alas for matchmaking relations, that commodity is scarcer than handsome, wealthy, single young dukes!

Trouble Wears Tartan

I had such fun with the Highland Holiday contemporary novellas that I've expanded the concept, to a series of contemporary novels featuring love between a Scot and an American. No matter how great the challenge, Yankee ingenuity, Highland charm, and sheer determination see each couple to a happily ever after.

Rogues to Riches

The Wentworth family wasn't born to wealth or privilege, but fate works in strange ways. A ducal title befalls them, and Polite Society will never be the same.

Hidden Pleasures

Sometimes the loveliest gifts hide under unassuming wrapping. Grace joins Susannah Ives and Emily Greenwood to bring you three novella trios take the theme treasures hiding in plain sight, and apply it to three dukes forced to rusticate in the wilds of Yorkshire, three widowed duchesses desperate to avoid the London matchmakers, and three marquesses who don costumes and masks, but cannot elude true love. Happy treasure hunting!


I really enjoy writing novellas. They are perfect for characters whose HEA is less complicated or for plots that unfold on a short time line. Novellas are also one way for me to get a sense of closure with a series where there's just one more couple whose story I want to know and write. This "novella umbrella" page collects all of these shorter tales, most of them between 25,000 and 40,000 words. Because many of my novellas were originally published in multi-author anthologies, this page is also where the re-published works will appear when the anthology is no longer in circulation. Happy reading!