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Siren's Retreat Novella Quartet

Lady Violet Mysteries

Sweetest Kisses

Lord Julian Mysteries

Bad Heir Day Tales

Republished Regencies

Rogues to Riches

The Wentworths have overcome poverty, snobbery, and the most wicked scandals, but true love has eluded them... until now.

Mischief in Mayfair

The wars have ended, but the fight for a happily ever after has just begun!

True Gentlemen

Regency gentlemen who've given up on happily ever afters and other fairy tales find true love where they least expect it—with true ladies!

Windham Brides

By ducal decree, the only happy Windham is a wedded Windham. These four spinster sisters, beg to disagree!


A duke determined to see all eight of his children married, eight headstrong offspring equally determined to guard their freedom!

Lonely Lords

The only cure for loneliness is true love...

Trouble Wears Tartan

When Scot meets Yank, can love be far behind?

Jaded Gentlemen

They are world weary and heartsore... but love hasn't given up on them yet!


To find true love, a braw, bonnie laddie must sometimes leave his Highland home, and search as far afield as the ballrooms of Mayfair!

Captive Hearts

Only love can free an imprisoned heart...

Highland Holidays

Sometimes you have to look among the bloomin' heather to find your happily ever after!

Holiday Anthology

Love will find us, even at the coldest time of year...


I really enjoy writing novellas. They are perfect for characters whose HEA is less complicated or for plots that unfold on a short time line. Novellas are also one way for me to get a sense of closure with a series where there's just one more couple whose story I want to know and write. This "novella umbrella" page collects all of these shorter tales, most of them between 25,000 and 40,000 words. Because many of my novellas were originally published in multi-author anthologies, this page is also where the re-published works will appear when the anthology is no longer in circulation. Happy reading!