Trouble Wears Tartan Box Set

A bundle in the Trouble Wears Tartan series

This box set includes books one, two, and three in the Trouble Wears Tartan series. Grace’s novella, The Cowboy Wore a Kilt, is another Scottish contemporary title you might enjoy, and The Sweetest Kisses trilogy shares the Damson Valley setting with Elias in Love, book two of Trouble Wears Tartan series.

Tartan Two Step

Scottish whisky distiller Magnus Brodie has a problem: His long-anticipated bicentennial batch of whisky has been sabotaged, and he needs the skills of an expert to prevent disaster. He’s been approached by the Logan brothers about buying their Montana distillery, and if that’s the only way Magnus can secure Bridget MacDeaver’s services as a “cask-whisperer,” he’ll do it.

Bridget refuses to sell the distillery she inherited from her grandpa, even if her brothers claim that’s the last hope they have for saving the Logan Bar Ranch. When an old enemy threatens everything Bridget holds dear, her only ally is the man who’s determined to steal her grandpa’s legacy—and her heart!

Elias in Love

Scottish business whiz Elias Brodie has inherited a genuine medieval castle, the title of earl, and a huge pile of debt. If he wants to preserve his family’s legacy, the only asset he can immediately sell is a parcel of Maryland countryside he’s never laid eyes on.

In all her years working the land in Damson Valley, Violet Hughes has never seen a genuine Scottish earl, though her first glimpse of one is mighty impressive. Elias is charming, a hard worker, and excellent, um, company, but then Violet learns that he’s determined to sell the largest farm in the valley to a no-good, polecat of a developer. What’s a kilted laddie to do, when he must choose between his true love and his legacy?

Scotland to the Max

Maxwell Maitland is willing to travel to Scotland if that’s where the next big development project takes him, but when he gets to the site, nothing goes according to plan. Single mom Jeannie Brodie is on hand to smooth out problems with the locals, but she creates utter chaos in Max’s highly organized, schedule-driven heart.

Trouble Wears Tartan Trilogy

Trouble Wears Tartan Box Set:

Grace Burrowes Publishing

Series: Trouble Wears Tartan

Jun 24, 2019

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Trouble Wears Tartan Trilogy

Grace Burrowes Publishing

June 24, 2019


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Connected Books

Trouble Wears Tartan Box Set is a bundle in the Trouble Wears Tartan series. The full series reading order is as follows:

  • Scotland to the Max by Grace Burrowes
  • The Cowboy Wore A Kilt
  • Trouble Wears Tartan Trilogy
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