The Windham Series

A duke determined to see all eight of his children married, eight headstrong offspring equally determined to guard their freedom!

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About the Windham Series

Once upon a time there was me, Grace Burrowes, sitting in a bar with an acquiring editor, Deb Werksman, from Sourcebooks. This was our first encounter and so she asked me how many completed manuscripts I had.

“’Bout twenty,” was my answer—twenty-four being “’bout twenty” when you’ve had a nip of Dutch courage. Once we signed a deal, Madam Editor sifted and sorted through those diamonds in the rough muttering things about positioning and market strategy. She eventually emerged from her conjuring place to tell me that Westhaven, St. Just and Lord Valentine would be my initial trilogy.

Oh, yippee! I wrote a trilogy! And more good news, as The Heir hit the shelves, I was given an opportunity to write a Christmas book as well. We decided that the Christmas book, Lady Sophie’s Christmas Wish, could feature a Windham sister, and this turned out to be one of most enjoyable books I’ve written. Inspired by that experience, I went forth with stories for the remaining four Windham sisters.

I didn’t set out to write an-eight sibling series, but as much fun as I’ve had with it, I now wish Their Graces had managed a few more offspring. Of course, Percival and Esther probably have a tale to tell, and Uncle Tony and Aunt Gladys are blessed with four female offspring, and then there are the prequel books and the sequels and spin-offs. Suffice it to say that the Windhams and their related books will keep me busy for a long time to come!

The Windham series contains three subsets: The Duke’s Obsession, The Duke’s Daughters, and A Duke and His Duchess.

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