How can I tell if a book is available to purchase through Grace’s Bookstore?

Not all of Grace’s books are available on her store, but all the books she has self-published are, as well as some bundles that aren’t available anywhere else.

If a book is available through Grace’s Bookstore, you’ll find the option: “Grace’s Bookstore” on that book’s page— under the cover and also in the ordering pane alongside all the  other ordering options. You will then be taken to that book’s page in Grace’s Bookstore, where you can add the book to your cart, and check out.

How will I get my ebooks and audiobooks? What is Bookfunnel?

The ebooks and audiobooks that you purchase through Grace’s bookstore will be delivered to you guided by Bookfunnel.

After checkout/payment, CHECK YOUR EMAIL for your receipt.
The next email you will receive is from [email protected] with the subject line: “Here’s [title] by Grace Burrowes”

This email will contain a link to get your book and will guide you through getting your files onto your computer or device. Simply choose your device and you will be guided through the steps to add your book.

  • iPad, iPhone or iPod
  • Android Phone or Tablet
  • Kindle Tablet or E-Reader
  • Nook Tablet or E-Reader
  • Kobo Tablet 0r E-Reader
  • Your Computer

Clicking on “My Computer” will allow you to download the files in mobi or epub format, as well as start reading in the browser:

  • MOBI file
  • EPUB file
  • Read in the Cloud (in your browser)

The link to download your book will be valid for approximately two weeks. You can download different versions of the book files through the link in this email, in case you change your mind which format you’d like. Once the code has expired the link will no longer work and you will need to find your book in your Bookfunnel Library.

Go to
Log in with your email address.

You will also have the option to start reading/listening in the Bookfunnel app.



Can I purchase both preorders and available books through the same checkout?

Short answer: No.

Each pre-order must be purchased on its own transaction. That way your credit card is charged on release day.

What happens if you put a preorder book in a cart with other items? Your cart will empty on you (sorry!).

For preorders, on book release day, you will receive a link to get your book via email from [email protected]. Make sure to whitelist the email address!

New to Bookfunnel? Worry not. Help is available at every step. Bookfunnel offers excellent customer service. They can walk you through any quirks unique to your device or software.

When will my card be charged for preorders I purchase through Grace’s Bookstore?

For preorders, your credit card will be charged on release day.

Because of this, they must be purchased individually, and in a separate transaction aside from any other books.

Adding a preorder book to your cart will cause the cart to be emptied if it contains other items (sorry!).

If the release date changes, you will receive an email notification.

For preorders, on book release day, check your email for a new message from [email protected], which will contain a link to get your book and will guide you through getting your files onto your computer or device. Help is available at every step. The good folks at Bookfunnel offer customer service that can walk you through any quirks unique to your device or software.

How long will it take to receive a paperback I order through Grace’s Bookstore?

Paperbacks that you purchase through Grace’s Bookstore are prepared and shipped to you by the folks at Ingram Spark – a major book distributor in the United States, distributing to 40,000+ retailers (including Barnes & Noble and your local independent bookstore), libraries, schools, and universities.

Your order will be printed and then shipped using the method you select below. It normally takes two business days to print your order prior to shipment, but print turnaround times can vary. You will be offered the price options for shipping at checkout.

  • Basic: 9-12 business days
  • Ground: 4-8 business days
  • 2nd Day: 5 business days
  • Next Day: 4 business days