The Captive Hearts Series

Only love can free an imprisoned heart...

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About the Captive Hearts Series

Christian Severn (The Captive) was captured by the French, tortured, and left to die. He makes his way back to England to find his dukedom in disarray, his surviving family faring no better, and yet, Gillian, Countess of Windmere, has more challenges in store for Christian.

Sebastian St. Clair (The Traitor) was responsible for Christian’s captivity, and has resigned himself to dying at the hands of the Englishmen seeking revenge for wartime wrongs, but Milly Danforth has other plans for Sebastian.

Michael Brodie (The Laird) went off to war, leaving behind a young bride who deserved better from him than abandonment. He comes home to his Brenna and finds not the quiet, shy girl he knew, but an angry, isolated woman whose dragons he must slay if he’s not lose the only war that really matters.

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