For the Thaumaturge in All of Us

I am indebted to Jean Marie Ward, a fellow member of the Washington Romance Writers Chapter of Romance Writers of America, for adding the interesting word, thaumaturge, to my vocabulary. Jean Marie is a protean talent, writing in several genres including fantasy (click here for her website), so it make sense she’d come across such a term. A thaumaturge, according to the OED, is:

A worker of marvels or miracles, a wonder-worker.

Better yet, this word is taken from medieval Latin and was in use during the 1700s. You know what this means? My Regency characters might be able to toss this term off in a flight erudition once upon a chapter. You might consider using it as well.For example, anybody who gets the kiddies out the door and onto the school bus every morning can consider themselves a domestic thaumaturge. Those who make the paycheck cover the bills are financial thaumaturges. I expect out there somewhere in this vast, wonderful world, are guys and gals whose kisses qualify them as Romantic Thaumaturges Extraordinary.

You get the idea. Choose your marvel. There’s a little thaumaturge in all of us.

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3 comments on “For the Thaumaturge in All of Us

  1. Tough one!!!
    Don’t think this is a special talent that I possess, but I do tend to have a big heart. Sometimes, I tend to spread myself so thin to help others, that I lose myself.