Quaquaversal Joy

There I was looking up “paranoid” on the OED site in hopes the word was in use in all its Latinate glory during the Regency (it wasn’t, gosh darn it), when this diabolical little link caught my eye: Lost For Words?

Click on it, and the OED panders to the easily distracted by offering up a few terms chosen at random. There, amid tankini, retain, and I forget what else, lay this term, a perfect ruby of a word nestled amidst a carton of chicken eggs:


Great balls of fire, not even Westhaven would use such a term casually, though with a solid Latin education, he’d easily discern that it means either “on all sides,” or “wherever.”

Now Westhaven is going to have to use it, or perhaps, with her love of language, I will bestow this term on Lady Louisa and her gallant Sir Joseph. Use it in good health until then, and may happiness, gratitude and seasonal joy besiege you quaquaversally.

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