The Joy of Discovery

Discover is a nice old word with a predictable pedigree, coming to us fairly directly from the Latin, discooperire, meaning to uncover, to remove the covering from. Slight embellishments on that meaning abound–to catch sight of, to see for the first time, to expose, to realize, and so on.

Despite its prosaic past, the word itself excites. Consider the difference:

I found myself… upset at his posturing.

I discovered I was… upset at his posturing.

The second sentence has a greater sense of excitement, which might be why Sourcebooks chose the name, “Discover a New Love,” for their online romance book club. The idea is you get a six month membership for about ten bucks, and each month, you can choose from among a selection of books to download one for free. Many, many other books are discounted as well.

For example, The Heir went on 99 cent download to the world at large, but at DANL, it was priced at 79 cents (alas, no more). Another example: my novella detailing how Percival and Esther Windham met and fell in love, The Courtship, is exclusively available at DANL for a price of $1.49. When the world at large gets access to this little tale in November, the price will be $1.99.



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2 comments on “The Joy of Discovery

  1. Discovering is something you discover again with little children/babies: the way they explore and learn about things that are SO common and natural for us and they can spend hours investigating just the little breadcrumbs on the floor or how a daisy jiggles when you bounce it with your fingers… And one appreciates those small things again!