The Heir

Anna Seaton is a diligent, superbly competent housekeeper who in addition has all the accomplishments of a well bred, well educated lady. She’s also beautiful and considerably younger than most other women similarly situated, leaving her employer, Gayle Windham, the Earl of Westhaven, with a puzzle. As Anna and Gayle grow closer, overcoming differences in station, personality, and expectations, Anna’s secrets threaten to bring the orderly earl’s life crashing down—and he doesn’t know how he’ll protect the woman he’s come to love from the problems she’s been outrunning for years.

The Bridegroom Wore Plaid

In an effort to preserve the family estate, Ian MacGregor, the Earl of Balfour, must marry for money. When a promising match emerges in the form of Genie Daniels, a rich English heiress, Ian begins devising a strategy to woo her. When he meets Genie’s poor cousin Augusta, he discovers a new avenue to Genie’s heart. But after spending time with Augusta and falling for her charms, Ian begins to question whether or not he’s willing to forfeit his heart to save the family name…