Here Come the (Windham) Brides!

The Windham Brides are celebrating the merry month of June with some lovely e-book pricing. For a limited time, The Trouble with Dukes is priced at $.99, Too Scot to Handle at $4.99, No Other Duke Will Do at $3.99, and A Rogue of Her Own at $2.99. Ordering links for all four books are right here!

Duke in Disgrace!

My novella duet with Theresa Romain, How to Ruin a Duke, has gone live on all the major platforms (and yes, print is available from Amazon)! The linky-poos are here. His Grace of Emory says if we write a sequel, it should be titled, How to Ravish a Duke. Give ’em an HEA and they take a mile.