Oh Happy, Delightful Day!!!

I am exceedingly pleased to announce that Ash Dorning and Della Haddonfield story, My Heart’s True Delight, is now on sale at all the major retailers (and in the web store of course). A hero wrestling with the mulligrubs and blue devils seems like an appropriate champion in these interesting times, and Daisy is just the lady to join him in that fight–for more reasons than he knows. Order your copy here, and happy reading!

Delightful News!!!

I am pleased to report that My Heart’s True Delight (aka Ash and Della’s story, True Gentlemen No. 10) is now on sale in the web store in ebook, and from Amazon in print. The retail release date remains Sept. 22, and those ordering options are all listed here. Happy reading!

September Song

This month’s Deals page includes my Highland Holidays contemporary novella quartet on sale for $1.99. I figure we still can’t travel to Scotland very easily, but that’s no reason to deprive us of Highland happily-ever-afters. And in other the news, the web store on-sale date for My Heart’s True Delight is looking like on or around Sept. 10, so if you don’t want to wait until Sept. 22 to read Ash and Della’s tale, order your copy here.

On the blog this week, we’re talking about the joys of approaching autumn, also adding to the ARC list for True Delight, so please do join the conversation!

Links Are for Lovers

As the summer heat burns on, I’ve parked my behonkis in front of a fan long enough to get pre-order links up for Daisy Dorning’s HEA, Truly Beloved (Dec 2020 web store/Jan 2021 retail), and Stephen Wentworth’s story, How to Catch a Duke (April 2021 retail).  On the blog this week, I’m wittering on about forced choices and false dichotomies, also adding to my ARC list for My Heart’s True Delight, so please do chime in!

Welcome, August!

On the blog this week, I’m blathering on about my personal Mercury in Retrograde Day, and I’m adding three names to my ARC list for My Hearth’s True Desire. Leave a comment here.

On the Deals page, I’ve put Worth: Lord of Reckoning on $1.99 discount in the web store. Look for a web store exclusive or two later this month as I get some de-published novellas bundled and re-covered. I’m also this close to getting pre-order links up for Truly Beloved, Book Eleven in the True Gentleman series, and for How to Catch a Duke, Stephen Wentworth’s addition to the Rogues to Riches series. Busy times!

Hot Deals for Hot Days

Apropos of the steamy weather, Too Scot To Handle has been discounted to $3.99 in ebook for the month of July. Love and Other Perils is priced at $.99 in anticipation of being de-published August 1, and more discounts at listed on the Deals page. Do we dare say get ’em while they’re hot?

On the blog this week, we’re talking about the antidote to negative behavior loops, which among equestrians is a fancy of saying, “Pat your pony!” Leave a comment for a shot at an e-ARC of My Heart’s True Delight.

Sinfully Good!

I’m happy to announce that Beckman: Lord of Sins has joined the earlier Lonely Lords at the $4.99 ebook price point on the major retailers, and at $3.99 in the webstore. He also has a new cover which I think is more reflective of the title character. Love and Other Perils remains priced at $.99 and will likely be retired on or before August 1. (Sorry, Max!). Get ’em while they’re… hot!

On the blog this week, I’m blatherin’ on about a book from a Nobel Laureate that I (and apparently many of you) wish we’d never opened, because that’s just not how any of this works, sir. Add your comment for a shot at a signed copy of A Lady’s Dream Come True!

An Author’s Dream Come True!

Thanks to you, wonderful readers who put A Lady’s Dream Come True on the USA Today Bestseller list! If you haven’t ordered this happily-ever-after yet, you can do that right here. I will tell Oak and Verity the good news if they ever deign to unlock the studio door!

Love and Other Discounts

For the remainder of June, my novella duet with Emily Larkin, Love and Other Perils, will be ebook discounted to $.99 (this is the duet with cats in both stories). You can download from the web store here, and from the major retailers here. Happy reading!