Tiberius Flynn, Earl of Spathfoy, has two more sisters–Mary Ellen and Pandora. Will they get stories?

I’m almost certain they will, for several reasons.

First, I love the MacGregor series and its close kin. I’m writing in the high Victorian, which isn’t that much different from the Regency. The population shift has barely, barely tipped, with about equal numbers living in the cities and in the country. Prince Albert is still alive, so the whole fascination with death, the occult, and mourning hasn’t caught on. Fashion is still fairly reasonable–those enormous twelve foot wide hoops (which Queen Victoria abhorred and never wore) only began in mid-1850s, and the awful excesses of corsetry are yet to come.

So I like the world a lot.

Second, I particularly like the Scottish world and I also like the tension between an English hero and a Scottish heroine, or vice versa. This builds in a layer of misunderstanding, if not antipathy, between the heroes and heroines, and that’s always lovely.

Third, I love Tiberius. He can pop up in as many stories as he pleases, confiding in Flying Rowan, doting on his countess, and putting crooked, droopy diapers on his heir. In fact, I wish he had more sisters so I could see more of him..