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“I wanted to use what I was, to be what I was born to be—not to have a “career,” but to be that straightforward obvious, unmistakable animal, a writer.”

-Cynthia Ozick from “Metaphor and Memory”


Contemporary romance is a joy for me to write because so much of the world in the story is the very world I thrive in. The vocabulary is current, the technology literally at my fingertips, the settings right down the lane (or a day’s travel) from my house. I will always love writing historical romance, stories that have a wonderful long ago, far away, glow about them, but contemporaries bring a delectable freedom to the creative process.

My contemporary stories have thus far traveled in two directions. The Sweetest Kisses series focuses on the three Knightley brothers, who own a small town law practice in central Maryland. Turns out Damson Valley is a great place for single moms to get a start, or a new start, and all three brothers find a happily ever after when they look in their own back yards. For a free peek into The Sweetest Kisses world, try the novella, A Kiss For Luck.

Oddly enough, another novella set in Damson Valley, Kiss and Tell, led to my Highland Holiday novella series. Seems one of the lawyers in Damson Valley is a Scot, and he has relatives back home with the dearest little vacation cottage. No matter what you think you’re going to find in Scotland—a better golf game, the peace and quiet to write your novel, great art—if you’re staying at Dunroamin Cottage, you’ll end up finding true love. I’ve never had as much fun with writing short and sweet (and spicy) as I have with my Highland Holiday stories, so look for more where they came from!

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