The Lonely Lords Series

The only cure for loneliness is true love...

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About the Lonely Lords Series

If you read the introduction to the Windham Series above, then you know that I wrote more than two dozen books before I even wondered about getting them published. I’d tear into a tale of love lost and derring-do (what is derring-do, anyway?), and a secondary character would tug at my elbow, “Me next! Me next!” and off on another tale I’d go as soon as (or before) I’d finished the first. The result is a long series of loosely connected stories of friends, siblings and neighbors that we dubbed, “The Lonely Lords.” Our flagship hero, Darius Lindsey, has siblings, in-laws, and even Windham connections that are characteristic of the whole series. You’ll find old friends cheering from the sidelines, make new friends, and end up with a whole lot of happily ever after.

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