The MacGregor Series

To find true love, a braw, bonnie laddie must sometimes leave his Highland home, and search as far afield as the ballrooms of Mayfair!

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About the MacGregor Series

The Scottish Highlands early in Queen Victoria’s reign form the back drop for stories relating to Scottish earls from various branches of Clan MacGregor. Ian MacGregor (The Bridegroom Wore Plaid) must marry an heiress to refill the empty clan coffers, though the woman who fills his heart is poor, plain and determined that Ian should marry lucratively. In the second book, (Once Upon a Tartan), Tiberius Flynn, Earl of Spathfoy, has come to the Highlands to take custody of his little niece, but finds instead that the girl’s aunt Hester captures Tye’s heart. The third story, The MacGregor’s Lady follows the tale of Asher MacGregor and his efforts to find a husband for American heiress Hannah Cooper, while avoiding matrimonial entanglements for himself. We wrap up the series with What A Lady Needs for Christmas, because there’s no holiday like a Highland holiday, complete with meddling relations, looming scandal, and a naughty bunny!

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