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Women. They are a complete mystery.

-Stephen Hawking


I have long been a fan of historical mysteries. Captain Lacey, Sebastian St. Cyr, Melanie and Charles Rannoch, Lady Emily, Veronica Speedwell… My shelves runneth over with such bounty, to say nothing of the works of Dame Agatha or Sir Arthur. If you’ve read my Jaded Gentlemen series (Thomas, Matthew, Axel, Jack), you can see my mystery inclinations finding their way onto the romance pages. Three out of four Jaded Gentlemen involve a magistrate trying to solve a puzzle, and in the fourth, the protagonists are also wrestling with the whodunnit dilemma. I do believe Axel is my first and (so far) only murder mystery!

The urge to develop my own Regency sleuth has only grown stronger as my romance backlist has grown longer. Our Heroine had to be smart, dealing with personal issues, well connected but also an outsider… I had to equip her with a pair of worthy accomplices, and because love conquers all, her stories had to have strong romantic threads. Enter Lady Violet Belmaine, whose first six tales have given me many hours of writing joy. I expect I will pen more mysteries, for Violet and for her associates, and you can read more about her books on the Lady Violet Mysteries series page.


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