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“Did not strong connections draw me elsewhere, I believe Scotland would be the country I should choose to spend the remainder of my days in.”

-Benjamin Franklin


There I was, minding my own business in the Duke of Wellington’s house (I am not making this up), when somebody pointed out to me that I could be in Scotland in about four hours, if I caught an express train out of King’s Cross station. Four hours? Somebody else noted that Scotland, a place about the size of South Carolina, has nearly 100 whisky distilleries, and they even make a whisky flavored fudge. Onto the train I did get, up to Scotland I did go, because I’m that dedicated to researching my novels.

And also: whisky flavored fudge.

I have family roots in Scotland (clan MacDonald on my mother’s side), but I’m simply in love with the present version of a nation that has gorgeous scenery, a fascinating past, and a lovely way with the English and Gaelic languages.

My Scottish stories started out with The MacGregor series, set in the Victorian Highlands, when the monarch’s affection for Scotland began the first “Mad for Plaid” fad, but I’ve also written Regency Scottish love stories (The Laird, Tremaine’s True Love). I’m having great fun with modern day Scotland, too, in the Highland Holiday novella series. I’m considering writing some contemporary Scottish novels, but more research is needed first. (No autobiographical elements were used in the making of these Scottish romances… yet.)

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